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Applications for our waiting list are now open for all upcoming market dates in 2024. All applications will be accepted based on quality, uniqueness, booth design, and overall appeal towards the Wonderfully Made guest demographic. 


DAY 1 - Friday, November 29 from 5:00 - 9:00 PM  

DAY 2 - Saturday, November 30 from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

137 Glasgow St., Kitchener


The initial application deadline has passed. Any applications received will be added to our wait list and notified only if a spot opens up in the category.


Wonderfully Made accepts applications from artisans, artists, and independent food vendors of all disciplines who wish to sell consumer goods.

Our curated artisans are our top priority, therefore we do not accept or curate applications that include any products that are mass-manufactured without an element of handmade, made by an artisan outside your business, or made outside of Canada.


We may accept a small percentage of applications from locally owned businesses that offer services to our target audience. This may include boutiques or small shops that carry a variety of brands and private labels.


Our artisans are chosen separately for each event. Curating is a complicated process and, as we are honoured to receive many more applications for each event than we are able to host, unfortunately we have to decline many applications. You will only be notified if you have been selected to participate.

Once all booths have been confirmed, we will open our waitlist to accommodate another round of applications.

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